Trade Show Booths on a Budget

You’ve decided to promote your product at a Trade Show! You purchased the booth space and committed to the date…now what?

First impressions are important at Trade Shows. Creating an inviting Trade Show Booth that attracts attention is the first step to getting customers and ensuring your time, effort and dollars are working for you.

A cohesive and professional Trade Show Exhibit Space is important when communicating your products fabulousness and it doesn’t have to break the bank. The following products are a great first step for your Trade Show Booth.


Backdrop Displays

There are several options for Backdrop Displays. The typical size for a Tradeshow Backdrop is 8’ x 8’ or 10’ x 8’. Back Walls can be straight or curved with many different choices for hardware. When purchasing a Tradeshow Backdrop, make sure they are lightweight and easy to set up. Wrestling with a Trade Show Display before an event is never fun. It is also a good idea to purchase a Trade Show Booth Display that has an option to replace the graphic if your message changes. The trend is going towards Fabric Trade Show Banners as they are lightweight, easy to transport and offer beautiful detailed print quality to showcase your product.


Retractable Banner Stands

Roll Up Banner Stands are easy to use and transport. The graphic pulls out of a base and displays your message effectively. The affordable stands can be used singularly or in a group to provide a full backdrop for your Trade Show Booth. I often recommend clients use Roll Up Banner Stands when they are not sure if they will be in a small booth space or traditional 10’ space. Creating one Banner Stand with your logo and contact information that can standalone with two adjacent stands including photos and bullet points is a nice option for the traditional full backdrop and provides versatility.




Custom Printed Table Covers or Table Runners

Most Trade Show spaces include a 6’ table. Make sure to cover the table with your company logo. The best way is to order a Custom Table Throw with your logo prominently displayed. Custom Table Throws are easy to fold and throw in your suitcase but make sure to steam them before you go to the show. Nothing says sloppy like a wrinkled Table Cover.


If you are not ready to commit to a full Table Throw, table runners are available that can be used to cover an existing table cloth. Table Runners need to be long enough so they lay flat on your table without dropping. For a 6’ table, you will want to have at least a 60” – 72” runner. Table Runner widths can vary, the most common size is 30” wide.

There are multiple options for Table Covers, Backdrop Displays and Roll Up Banner Stands. The products above can vary by sizes, substrates and hardware.. The Graphic Edge can help guide you to the Trade Show Display that best suits your event.


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Final Four Printing – Branding Venues

event signs

Hospitality Suite Entry

The NCAA Final Four came to Dallas, Texas to celebrate before the college basketball championship. The games seem to be a sideline to many of the events proceeding the finals. The Graphic Edge was hired to work with Turner Broadcasting System to assist in the printing for their events. Unlike printing for Super Bowl XLV where most of the printing was similar basically direct print to coroplast, these events were unique, and although smaller in scale proved to be just as intense.

 Branding venues has become a huge business. The motto seems to be if there is a surface to cover with a logo – lets do it. It becomes tricky to avoid overkill but then it is so hard not to add a logo to a table or a bench and then not cover a wall or window with another one.  Vinyl wraps have become very popular, you can cover existing art, or walls with lo tac adhesive and not damage the surface.  Clear cling is fun too because you can attach it to any window or door and still see thru to the other side. This might be considered subtle branding.

Vinyl Wraps

Conan Party Vinyl Wraps

Using large format printing to brand an environment requires careful consideration of the venue. In the case of the Final Four printing, there were four sites they were holding parties in.  Each location required separate site surveys including measuring and sourcing materials that could be easily adhered and removed. In event branding, what goes up must come down. A site survey by the printing company you are working with is helpful, they can provide exact measurements and suggest materials. It is important to share the dimensions with your design team. For some reason, these events tend to be last minute, wrongly sized art can be costly and delay the printing process. Don’t make it the printer’s job to check all your files at the last minute or even worse the installers job to fix badly sized art.

Event Banners

House Of Blues Event Banners


 Installation is a big part of the branding process. Expect your installer to be a key component to successful branding. Make sure to have enough staff to handle all the unexpected delays that might occur. It is hard to foreshadow what might come up during a huge sporting event.


There are many layers to event printing, the client, the ad agency, the event company, the printer and the installer. If everyone is in sync it makes for a stress free, organized final product. But if any of you have ever printed for major sporting events, you know how uncommon it is for everyone to be in sync. I really don’t understand why that is, all the participants know the date and have previous similar events to draw from, but for some reason, there seems to be an element of panic surrounding the actual day.

Final Four Printing

Tailgate Tip Off Tent Headers

So remember when branding for an event avoid over exposure or saturation but still allow enough to build excitement. As I reflect on my second major sporting event, I have learned so much. If/when another comes around, I will be ready to take on the crazy that flies in with these strangers descending upon our city and try and remember to Be Calm and Print On.

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